XML File plugin

This plugin parses the contents of an XML file (for example, a Maven POM) and makes the resulting structure available to your templates. First, run gem install crack to make sure you have the crack gem installed for XML parsing.

You can then enable this plugin by adding xml_file to your list of datasources in common.yaml. Once this has been done, you can specify two further parameters; either at the top-level of common.yaml, or per-template. These parameters are :

  • xml_file_path : Path to the XML file
  • xml_file_var : Variable name that your templates will use to access the structure.

For example, assuming the following XML is loaded from a file specified in xml_file_path :


If you set xml_file_var: maven_pom, you would then be able to reference elements in your templates like so :

ArtifactID: <%= maven_pom['project']['artifactId'] %>

See the test fixtures and corresponding test scenario under the features/ directory for full examples.