Environment JSON Plugin

If you add environment_json to your list of data sources in common.yaml, you'll be able to make complex JSON data structures available to your templates. Just pass your JSON in the environment variable tiller_json. See http://www.markround.com/blog/2014/10/17/building-dynamic-docker-images-with-json-and-tiller-0-dot-1-4/ for some practical examples.

As of Tiller 0.7.6, you can use this to also handle per-template variables, instead of treating everything as a "global" variable. To do this, make sure you have a key _version with a value of 2. You can then separate values into global and per-template blocks, for example :

  "_version" : 2,
  "global" : {
    "global_value" : "This is a global value available to all templates"
  "template.erb" : {
    "local_value" : "This will create the 'local_value' only on template.erb"